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WT Rich Company-Challenge

The Challenge

Manage the development of a state-of-the-art campus center

Cape Cod Community College had worked on plans to bring a new Science and Engineering Center to the West Barnstable campus for nearly 8 years before bringing aboard W.T. Rich Company to act as the construction manager at risk.

What would become a flagship hub for the campus started with inherent challenges. The Frank and Maureen Wilkens Science Center was set to replace an outdated facility that was no longer representative of the college’s mission to empower the future. But the proposed facility’s proximity to the existing one, the eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent supply issues all meant W.T. Rich needed a way to quickly act and adjust to unforeseen jobsite conditions. 


The Solution

Monitoring progress through time-lapse and live video

Using an OxBlue Cobalt camera, W.T. Rich was able to successfully monitor progress, ensure site safety and closely monitor challenging conditions. The team used live video to track proper use of personal protection equipment and social distancing mandated by the state during the pandemic. Later, record-breaking snowstorms threatened jobsite progress. The team was able to remote-in to the site’s lay down area to ensure materials were secured and protected from the elements. Throughout the project, the W.T. Rich team scheduled routine 7-day and 30-day time-lapse reports to monitor milestones and update the college’s stakeholders. Using the live feed and time-lapse proved an easy way to effectively communicate what was happening on the jobsite, and what was needed next. 

  • "OxBlue is one of our standards for site security, time-lapses and remote access."

    -Bethany King, Senior Project Manager, W.T. Rich Company

  • “It’s good to have the history and overall view of the project. It’s nice to take a step back and look at all the progress we’ve made.”

    -Bethany King, Senior Project Manager, W.T. Rich Company

  • “It’s always ideal to never have a reason to contact support but when we did, the OxBlue team was very responsive and jumped on it right away to find a solution.”

    -Bethany King, Senior Project Manager, W.T. Rich Company

WT Rich Company-Implementation

The Implementation

Using the world’s most energy-efficient solar camera

While the OxBlue cameras were useful for managing the project during a tumultuous time, they also satisfied another, major requirement. The State of Massachusetts enacted a roadmap that encouraged all new buildings become net-zero in their production of carbon emissions. This meant that the team wanted to be highly-selective with all equipment, materials and processes to gain a LEED v4 Gold Certification. OxBlue’s award-winning Cobalt camera uses less than 1 watt of power and is solar-compatible, making it one of the world’s most energy-efficient construction cameras. From capturing critical details to conserving precious energy, Cobalt acted as a valuable tool for documenting and monitoring the jobsite.

WT Rich Company-Result

The Results

One of the most advanced STEM center in the commonwealth

Despite rapid inflation and supply chain holdups, the $38 million, 39,000 square foot facility was completed on time, and importantly, on budget. Designed as a net carbon negative footprint facility, the Wilkens Science Center also includes a unique feature; the Toilet of the Future. The project team collaborated with the winners of a Gates Foundation competition, to address waste issues by introducing a sewer-line-free toilet that saves water and energy. Documenting the construction helped capture the first commercial application of the innovative new appliance.

The building now serves as a beautiful landmark and representation of CCCC’s commitment to innovation. 

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