General Tips

Simplify the process of positioning your camera with our straightforward tips. Watch the video to ensure you get the most out of your camera views.

oxblue construction camera
Pick the Best Position for Your Camera

Pick the Best Position for Your Camera


With more than 28,000 projects under our belt, we have the experience and know-how for what makes a great angle for your camera and project. Follow the 5 P’s for the best results.


Face the camera as close as possible to due North.


Placing the camera outside the construction area captures more of the job site and allows for seamless time-lapse videos.


Mount the camera higher than the planned build to capture all stories or levels.


Take project phases or tilt-up construction into account to ensure the camera’s view isn’t obstructed as the project progresses.


If you’re not using an OxBlue solar power station, pick a location where power can be conveniently run to the camera

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