Get a closer look at the jobsite on any device

    Check the live videos and images from your camera system through a web app available on any device. OxBlue’s online portal to your projects gives you an insider’s perspective on construction progress through remote camera access, bite-sized updates and jobsite analytics no matter where you are.

    live construction webcams, live construction cameras

    Document the history of the project with dynamic visuals

    From dirt to delivery, OxBlue cameras create a perfect memory of the jobsite that’s easy to review through the web app. Images are time- and weather-stamped, so you can see past activity, weather conditions and verify work. View changes over time from multiple perspectives with map views, single image views, image overlays and side-by-side comparison features.

    live construction webcams, live construction cameras


    Image Overlay View

    Compare any two images to see what progress has occurred over a specified period of time

    Side-by-side View

    Quickly review and compare side-by-side timeframes of your choosing

    live construction cameras, live jobsite viewing


    live construction cameras, live jobsite viewing


    Map View

    See and select multiple construction sites alongside a map of all your projects

    How it works

    Watch how easy it is to navigate our web app from any device, at any time.

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    Our complete construction camera system includes:

    Jobsite viewing

    • Live photo & streaming video 
    • Website integrations
    • Historical views by date & time 
    • Multi-camera dashboard & hybrid map views 
    • Image comparison tools
    • Past & present weather data with every image 
    • On-demand time-lapse creation

    Project analytics

    • Activity tracking
    • Safety analysis
    • Smart Notifications
    • Image Search
    • Motion alerts
    • Smart camera management (inactivity, obstructions, etc.)
    • Equipment tracking
    • Multi-project analytics (coming)

    Sharing & documentation

    • Automated reporting & scheduled updates
    • Email, markup and social media sharing tools
    • Public or private livestream access
    • Cinematic marketing videos post-project
    • Social media integrations

    Remotely monitor progress and capture jobsite activity

    Share visibility and updates through our live construction webcam app. Control your camera views, live stream the site, or watch through video on demand. You have tools that make it easy to stay on top of project activity all in one place.

    live construction webcams, live construction cameras
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