Meet The Team

    OxBlue’s mission is to deliver exceptional service and a quality product that improves project delivery and enhances team communications. Our company strives to stay on top of the ever-changing market to deliver an accessible and innovative platform that meets your needs and provides greater insight into your job site. These solutions are led by OxBlue’s department heads, professionals with a wealth of knowledge to create your seamless OxBlue experience.

    Chandler McCormack

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Mindy Baker

    Chief Financial Officer

    Joe Brothers

    Chief Sales Officer

    Briana Phillips

    Director of People Operations

    Rich George

    Chief Operating Officer

    Tracy Douglas

    VP of Marketing

    Josh Kimbrel

    Chief Technology Officer

    Sonya Patrick

    Director of Client Support

    Bryan Mattern

    Co-Founder / Strategic Advisor

    Will McCreary

    Engineering Manager

    JP Schaaf

    Senior Director of Strategic Accounts

    Eric Kisala

    Director of Materials Management

    Victoria Poulin

    Sales Development Manager

    Gary Wiggins

    Enterprise Sales Manager

    Chris Taylor

    Production Manager

    Jonathan Reece

    Core Sales Manager

    Meagan Smith

    Sales Operations Manager

    Alex Davis

    Client Support Manager

    Chris Forrence

    Platform Architect

    Madiha Watson

    Client Support Manager

    Josh Yarber

    Director of Engineering

    Hal Smith

    Creative Director

    Melody Fowler

    Director of Product