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OxBlue, LLC
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For a quote, call us at (888) 849-2583

  • "OxBlue cameras are on all my projects. I can pull the cameras up from my office to stay on top of everything and determine when I need to visit a site or not."

  • "OxBlue gave us the ability to go back in time to refute a claim with the photography, weather data, and with the date stamp associated with the project. The technology saved us $2 million dollars, right there."

  • "Before OxBlue, we were dependent on supervisors to report weather days and we use it to document schedule delays. It has been proven to be worth its weight in gold."

  • "We've worked with OxBlue one very project for the last 4 years and the people, service, and value make them one of our most valued partners. I constantly refer my peers to my friends at OxBlue."

  • "The technology allowed us to engage consumers and better serve development needs. We had a good experience with OxBlue. We were happy with the product; we were happy with the people."

  • "By viewing the job site in real time, we can verify work in place, identify any performance issues, and have more visibility to things we could possibly do differently."

  • "When I have regularly scheduled meetings, I can look at the pictures and decide that I don't need to spend $1,000 and fly up to Boston. I can hold meetings from my office and talk with my guys there."

  • "Always there with a quick response and solution."

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