Off-grid energy options for a reliable power source

    Set a camera anywhere using OxBlue Solar’s plug-and-go solution for mobile or stationary power. All OxBlue cameras are solar-compatible and can connect to a range of voltage options depending on your needs. Wire-free power lets you move your webcams from one location to the next, knowing they’re ready to go with just the sun.

    Stationary | Solar Power

    Set in one place and let the sun take care of the rest with our wireless, stationary solar option.

    • Light and easy-to-handle panels
    • 26% federal renewable-energy tax credit
    • Simple activation and installation
    • Internal digital system display


    Mobile | Solar Power

    Move your camera to any location on your job site and never worry about losing your connection.

    • Lockable cabinet and weatherproof aluminum
    • Rugged and portable power for the entire site
    • 26% federal renewable-energy tax credit
    • Pre-configured for easy activation and set up


    Explore Cameras Compatible with OxBlue Solar

    construction site camera no wifi



    Access projects remotely with Cobalt, our all-purpose highest resolution, widest view, video and solar-capable camera.

    construction site camera no wifi



    Get a complete 360° view with Sapphire PTZ camera that offers motion detection, always on video and true optical zoom.

    construction site camera no wifi



    See your project through the end with our small, lightweight interior Indigo camera that shows an exceptionally wide field of view.


    solar construction camera

    Combat bad weather with built-in five day battery backup

    Each solar trailer and station are built with on-board battery back-ups to supplement power to your camera in case of inclement weather. We help make sure a cloudy day won’t cloud your view of the jobsite.

    Easily install the pre-built, weather-proofed solar options

    Solar stations and trailers ship preconfigured and are encased in weatherproof aluminum with locking cabinets to prevent tampering. Connect your battery, your camera, and place your panel under the sun to get started.

    solar construction camera

    solar construction camera

    Set it and forget it with unbeatable support and smart camera management

    OxBlue’s smart camera management system helps control the impact of the weather on solar by monitoring power output and connection automatically. We’ll remotely adjust features and functions during shifts in seasons or weather conditions for a reliable connection.

    Power any project with wireless and solar options

    Set a camera anywhere and start recording with solar-powered trailers and stations. Our jobsite cameras are solar-compatible and include a range of voltage options depending on your needs. Move the webcams from one location to the next, knowing they're ready to operate with just the sun. 

    solar jobsite camera

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