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Monitor trends across global projects
Reduce change orders and disputes
Implement key performance indicators
Autozone has jobsites all over the world

The Challenge

World-wide access to hundreds of jobsites

Constructing an average of 170 new construction jobs a year across the globe, AutoZone is a powerhouse rapidly expanding into new markets. With a global footprint of more than 625+ team members and 700+ completed projects, AutoZone needed a way to monitor trends, cut back on change orders and improve communication across their builds.

Autozone uses activity analysis to understand progress

The Solution

Smart construction cameras with artificial intelligence

OxBlue's cameras use artificial intelligence to detect activity, equipment and safety compliance trends. Using Activity Analysis, AutoZone is able to easily see when project progress slows down. With an unbiased record, the team is able to effectively control costs on change orders.

  • “Artificial intelligence makes it easier for me to apply the right kind of pressure to the right part of the project at the right time.”

    Michael Petty, Director of Construction , AutoZone

  • “We’re really just starting to scratch the surface as time goes on with all these images. OxBlue is finding better ways to track the day-to-day and we are too.”

    Michael Petty, AutoZone

  • “There’s certainly value when you have a conflict. You can get sideways with some of these contractors and to have access to that clear information, you can’t put a number on that. That’s incredibly valuable,”

    Michael Petty, AutoZone

  • “One of our pillars that we talk about, and that a lot of people talk about is customer service. But it’s one thing to talk about it and another to do it. It’s what makes AutoZone great and it’s what makes OxBlue great. It doesn’t matter who I talk to or if someone moves around, I always get the same customer service,”

    Michael Petty, AutoZone

Cobalt cameras are utilized for nationwide coverage

The Implementation

Activity analysis for key performance indicators

Side-by-side views also give AutoZone the power to understand project progress in a matter of seconds. Michael Petty, the Director of Construction, routinely uses a side-by-side comparison of 7 to 14 days worth of activity. He and his team then have the ability to drill down into hour by hour or 10 minute increments to clearly identify what changes have occurred — and whether crunch time is ahead.

Showing the charts on activity helps mitigate the risk of paying for excess labor hours or multiple delays. With a straightforward record, AutoZone is able to protect their investment, avoid disputes and make data driven decisions. 

Advanced cameras proactively notify Autozone of problems

The Results

Strengthening strategic management

AutoZone keeps their activity analysis on a constant loop with the latest images to keep eyes on their jobsites. Petty uses the cameras as a training tool for his project managers, teaching them what to look out for and how to think strategically about what they’re seeing. The Store Development team is working to identify the type of output they should be seeing on their camera based on past visual data collected on other projects.



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