Juneau Construction is a premier builder that’s constructed more than $1.4 billion in multifamily housing projects.


Atlanta, GA


Capture valuable views that document progress
Strengthen communication with remote stakeholders
Monitor the site 24/7 with cameras
Juneau - Challenge

The Challenge

Navigating remote work with easy-access

Juneau Construction needed strong visibility and an easy way to communicate with stakeholders remotely. As COVID-19 shut down jobsites across the country and workers began to quarantine, Juneau’s team was left wondering what would happen next.

Juneau - Solution

The Solution

Turnkey cameras for complete coverage

With cameras installed, the team had a turnkey solution that allowed them to reduce site visits and keep work on track. The cameras were valuable not just for biweekly OAC meetings but to keep stakeholders informed with easy remote access. The cameras made it easier to determine the people most critical for being on site while still providing views into progress for others.

  • "Drones provide an excellent source of data because it provides a top down approach. But, not everyone can fly a drone or use it every day. That's why we like having an OxBlue camera to capture the whole project. Anyone on our team can access the jobsite and see the full story of what's going on."

    -Leo Rubio, Project Superintendent, Juneau Construction

  • "OxBlue’s camera gave us the ability to see the project from multiple angles and share that visibility to anyone working in a different region or remotely... "

    -Matt Algeo, Project Director , Juneau Construction

  • "You can write things down but the image history shows when and where a problem began. With the Procore integration, it was even easier to document the job. It’s a game changer for communication.”

    -Matt Algeo, Project Director, Juneau Construction

  • “OxBlue’s flexibility is what matters the most. When you think about a construction camera, you ask ‘how easy is the website and app to grab information from? How easy can I share progress?’ OxBlue checks all those boxes for us. This is a strong partnership that’s brought a lot of value for us and our clients. We’ll stay with OxBlue for years to come.”


    -Leo Rubio, Project Superintendent, Juneau Construction

Juneau - Webapp documents jobsites automatically

The Implementation

Using construction cameras over drones

Having a high-level view of the entirety of the project allowed Juneau to easily verify labor and progress on specific days. While the company is familiar with drones, they opted for a 24/7 construction camera to live stream the site. Drones would be an added expense that wasn't available for everyday use. Instead, the consistent visibility through a camera made it easy to document what happened on site.

The Results

Consistent jobsite history and a complete story

Unlike drones, OxBlue’s cameras can run livestreaming video 24/7 so there's no gaps in documenting the jobsite's history. Since the cameras are specifically designed for construction, they're able to withstand harsh weather conditions, like heavy wind and rain. During storms, the team was able to use the camera to monitor the jobsite instead of sending a drone-pilot in to document changes. Overall, having a time-lapse and video camera was vital to telling the story of the jobsite. Using OxBlue, Juneau can easily document progress, manage schedules and monitor site risks from anywhere.



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