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Document a first-of-it’s-kind project for the company
Verify progress and activity
Generate excitement internally among different team
Win-over clients with stunning visuals and time-lapses

The Challenge

Documenting and sharing a new business venture

Koetter Group decided to break-into a new business venture; bourbon barrels and spirit storage. As a first-of-its kind for the company, the team wanted a way to document the exciting project. The company will own and manage seven new rickhouses and create separate blending facilities on site; partnering with popular alcohol producers as tenants. They needed an easy way to share project progress internally, check on progress and generate marketing materials to secure new business.
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The Solution

Solar Live-Stream Cameras and Enhanced Security Measures

Using a 16MP fixed-position Cobalt camera, Koetter Group was able to get a detailed look at the jobsite progress. The camera included the ability to share the dashboard through an open link, which helped the team share progress internally. Using OxBlue became a simple way to connect the company to their newest and most complex project yet. The access and time-lapses were something many at the company never had insight into before.
  • “A lot of our team doesn’t necessarily get to visit the jobsite so being able to see this project, which is new for the company, definitely helped morale and generated excitement.”

    -Evan Koetter, Project Manager, The Koetter Group

  • “We couldn’t be on site every day so having the visibility from an OxBlue camera was very helpful.”

    -Evan Koetter, Project Manager, The Koetter Group

  • “Using OxBlue was a pretty simple process. Even installing the cameras was quick. It’s a very nice tool.”

    -Evan Koetter, Project Manager, The Koetter Group


The Implementation

Celebrating milestones internally with time-lapse

While the company was based 45 minutes outside the location, the remote visibility helped reduce the need to drive back-and-forth more often than necessary. The camera’s dashboard also streamlined sharing by making it easy to schedule time-lapse updates. Each week, the company was able to see mountains of progress in seconds. 


The Results

Invaluable documentation and stunning marketing materials

The 108-acre project in Kentucky is a stunning, innovative storage solution and facility. The company documented the process in detail using the cameras; capturing the unique modular development of the rickhouses. The visualization of hundreds of hours of progress was invaluable for the company and made for show stopping marketing videos. The Koetter Group, alongside their partners The Spirits Group, used the time-lapses to market the project to an excited public and interested craft distillers. Now, they have an easy way to share the remarkable work they’ve done.

Watch the Project

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