PHG is an investment platform best known for its involvement with leading hotel brands in premium locations across the country.


Atlanta, GA


Clear communication with stakeholders
Investigate theft and break-ins
Accountability among subcontractors

The Challenge

Investing in visibility and communications

With more than $500 million in development at any given time, Peachtree Hotel Group needed a way to improve communication with stakeholders, secure the jobsite and hold subcontractors accountable to results. The company used IP address to the view site cameras remotely but that solution lacked historical footage, provided a limited live feed, and wasn't easy to share.

The OxBlue webapp provides a detailed history of the jobsite

The Solution

Construction cameras with live video feeds

OxBlue’s web-based cameras make it easy for the PHG team and stakeholders across the country to check in as needed. When owners ask for insight, the development team generates on-demand time-lapses through the interface and links to live feeds for full visibility. The time-lapses also serve as a marketing tool for new business.

  • “Our investors feel secure when they work with us on new ventures, they have the access to check where their project’s at, when it’s complete and so on.” 

    -Ankit Patel, Development Manager, Peachtree Hotel Group

  • “In our business, we are always in search of consistency and dependability. OxBlue is always responsive when I need something, I know the cameras are going to arrive when they should. My support team at OxBlue is quick to handle all my requests.”

    -Ankit Patel, Development Manager , Peachtree Hotel Group

  • “We were able to use the footage from our OxBlue
    camera to identify what time the incident occurred
    and capture the make, model and license plate of
    the vehicle involved. The cameras not
    only help protect us from theft and faulty insurance
    claims but they also help lower our insurance
    premiums for having site monitoring during

    -Ankit Patel, Development Manager, Peachtree Hotel Group

Peachtree Hotel Group uses live construction cameras

The Implementation

Strengthening security and protecting against liability

Visibility not only gives clarity to investors, it provides an additional layer of security. Before a new development opened, a break in happened on site. OxBlue cameras offer live-streaming video recordings, which helped prevent PHG from covering costs related to site theft. Later, when a change order was submitted for a project in Florida, PHG was able to use OxBlue's unbiased image history to prove they weren't liable for a mistake made by a sub.

Peachtree Hotel Group-Result

The Results

Impressed clients, recouped costs and 24/7 access

The quality and features of the cameras aren’t the only reason why this company has chosen OxBlue as their jobsite monitoring partner. With 24/7 camera monitoring and concierge service, OxBlue’s customer support team goes above and beyond to ensure PHG has what they need before they’ve even asked. Since PHG uses solar-power, their representative monitored weather days and adjusted power remotely, ensuring the cameras operated when they were needed most. Overall, PHG says they've used OxBlue to strengthen relationships with their partners, fight back on false claims and ensure 24/7 visibility.



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