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Document jobsite progress
Monitor weather conditions
Verify work and activity
Maintain strong compliance management
Market development with stunning time-lapses

The Challenge

Monitoring and managing an intricate entertainment center

From preliminary construction to post-project handoff, Iconica has the unique ability to adjust to various circumstances with its specialized team. Made up of architects, engineers, estimators, quality control managers, and project leaders, they were entrusted with the construction and engineering of a golf complex for their client ROC Ventures. The three-level entertainment center and 57 open-air golf bays were a unique undertaking that required additional regulations and intricacies, which meant Iconica needed an easy way to guarantee oversight. With multiple partners invested in the project and its location at a distance from Iconica’s headquarters — communication and visibility would be crucial.


The Solution

Relocating OxBlue solar cameras from one job to the next

Iconica wasn’t a stranger to OxBlue and purchased cameras in the past, moving them from job to job. One email is all it took to start their service, relocate the camera and ensure a dedicated customer representative would monitor its health. Using a solar station and their 8MP Cobalt camera, Iconica could review and access the jobsite with just a click from their phones or desktops. An open link to the project made it easy for their client’s to see updates and generate time-lapses for additional marketing. The cellular construction cameras became a source of truth that all could review.
  • “We move our cameras from job to job and your team makes our lives easier. Using OxBlue is easy.”

    -Matt Wellenkotter, Director of Field Operations, Iconica

  • “We used the camera to track progress, create marketing materials with the time-lapse and view the jobsite remotely.”

    -Matt Wellenkotter, Director of Field Operations, Iconica

  • “If you’re not on site every day you don’t get to see the progress. So it was incredible to motivate the team by sharing the time-lapses. They could see what we were accomplishing and feel more involved.”

    -Matt Wellenkotter, Director of Field Operations, Iconica


The Implementation

Using jobsite documentation for accountability

The camera automatically documents the project, creating a perfect history of activity. All stakeholders could keep a close eye on compliance, safety and partner activity. When a dispute arose over schedule adherence and manpower levels with a subcontractor, Iconica was able to go back in time and see who was liable. The image record made it easy to “trust, but verify” what was happening on the jobsite. The documentation was a source of truth and included day-to-day details about weather conditions. When snow covered the site, the team knew they could use the camera to monitor impact on progress and ensure weather credits were applied appropriately.

The Results

Motivated team members, excited clients and powerful marketing assets

Visualizing the project did more for the company than just keep a pulse on progress. Sharing the OxBlue dashboard allowed teams across the company to “get involved” with the project. The videos helped teams feel more motivated and connected to their work. In the end, Iconica also had a hand-stitched time-lapse to share on social media and with the rest of the company. Overall, using the cameras helped Iconica easily monitor, manage and market the project.

Watch the Project

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