The Wright Group is a general contracting company specializing in hotel construction and renovations throughout Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.


Monitor projects remotely to reduce travel
Manage multiple projects across the country at once
Strengthen relationships with investors
On demand jobsite access for hotel builders

The Challenge

Enhance oversight of multiple projects while reducing travel

As business increased, The Wright Group needed a way to manage multiple projects simultaneously. As a small team, the owner wanted clear visibility and better project management to reduce site visits. With multiple projects for high-end brands including Hilton Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG), LaQuinta Hotels, Choice Hotels, Cendant Hotels and Independent Boutiques, the team needed a way to keep clients informed.

Remote visuals of the jobsite

The Solution

Peace of mind through remote anytime access

The team used OxBlue solar-powered cameras across multiple states and jobsites, The Wright Group had an easier time accessing real-time information, coordinating with teams and looking out for liabilities.

  • "With obligations so far-flung and projects in various stages, construction cameras have become a mandatory piece of my puzzle."

    -Doug Wright, Owner/Operator, The Wright Group

  • “We’ve turned our cameras into a marketing tool that helps us communicate with prospects"

    -Doug Wright, Owner/Operator, The Wright Group

  • “Quite often bankers never see the projects for which they put loans together. So for them, it can be exciting to get a look at something tangible. I was in a meeting recently giving bankers a mid-project rundown. They had a great time identifying the various areas of progress.”

    -Dough Wright, Owner/Operator, The Wright Group

  • “The OxBlue people we dealt with were solid, their system was easy to use and the cost was within our range. Other providers were cheaper, but we wouldn’t have gotten as much for our investment. All things being equal, OxBlue gives us the best product for the best price.”

    -Doug Wright, Owner/Operator, The Wright Group

Real-time construction progress monitoring

The Implementation

Preventing errors through visibility

In New Mexico, the cameras revealed that the building's wall framers were two weeks ahead of schedule. This insight helped the team avoid a potential delay by calling in the truss company earlier. In Colorado, workers installing a hotel porte-cochere were not yet aware that the project owner had last-minute modifications. The PM was able to watch the project through the camera and halted work that would've had to be redone.

The Results

Beating schedules and wowing investors

On The Wright Group website, a project showcase page provides links to images of projects in progress as well as time-lapse videos of recently completed projects. The camera became a marketing tool that helped communicate with prospects and helped win over new investors. Through OxBlue, the company is able to strengthen business relationships, prevent rework and monitor progress from anywhere.




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