Collaborating with the Community from Dirt to Delivery

The City of Modesto needed to build a new interstate exchange with a connecting bridge over the commuter highway. When contaminated soil was found on site, the City needed to find an easy way to monitor the site 24/7 and ensure there was no danger to the greater public.

Using OxBlue’s video construction cameras, the City found more benefits than the automated monitoring and documentation. Despite multiple different stakeholders involved in the project, the City was able to use OxBlue to streamline communication and even secure the jobsite. 


"OxBlue made it nice and convenient to get the live status of the jobsite. We were able to cut back on site visits and the DOT was able to monitor conditions remotely."

- City Construction Manager and Civil Engineer


Download the case study to read how OxBlue construction cameras helped the city and it’s project collaborators:

  • Easily manage the project and document progress
  • Connect with motorists impacted by construction
  • Save time and money through remote monitoring 
  • Secure materials after-hours