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Cartera USA Multifamily Housing Development

The Challenge

Sharing jobsite access among stakeholders

As part of a partnership with equity firm Kayne
Anderson, Carter’s placed OxBlue construction
cameras on their new garden-style apartments
in South Fulton, Georgia to make it easier for both companies to monitor progress. The teams needed a way to ensure trade partners hit milestones on time and fact-check claims.

Sapphire Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera fort Multifamily Housing

The Solution

Remote control cameras with live viewing

The project manager for Carter USA routinely used the Sapphire pan-tilt-zoom cameras to report on results. The camera systems include remote control access for 360° viewing, live-streaming and multiple views within one camera. One camera view is specifically positioned in the laydown area so that materials are always under supervision. By using Sapphire, the team was able to access the jobsite on any device at any time and from anywhere.

  • “It’s all about having the ability to put eyes on the project on a daily basis. The remote visibility helps our teams from out of town, they get to see what the progress is on site first hand.”

    — David Ramos, Senior Project Manager, Carter USA

  • “The visuals are really clear and I can move the camera and zoom in to see even more. It really helps our team with their four-week look-ahead.”

    — David Ramos, Senior Project Manager , Carter USA

  • “Our cameras keep watch of our lumber in the back of the jobsite. I can see when deliveries arrive, and more importantly, ensure that the lumber is protected from weather erosion. Making sure our materials are properly covered is a big point for us.” 


    -David Ramos, Senior Project Manager, Carter USA

Carter USA Monitoring for Multifamily Housing

The Implementation

Straightforward and accurate progress reporting

Using OxBlue cameras, the owner's rep of the project was able to review weather credits and change orders with ease. Because the camera captures a detailed history of the project, the rep was able to focus on key tasks yet still maintain strong oversight. Cameras also help with monitoring and managing materials, deliveries and equipment. Overall, OxBlue helped provide detailed insight that helped Carter USA hold teams accountable.

The Results

Clear monitoring and easier project management

With the flexibility to access the camera on a computer or phone, Carter USA describes OxBlue as a straightforward and useful tool for project monitoring and management. Cameras were routinely used during OAC meetings to show exactly what was happening on site, improving the team's four-week look-aheads. OxBlue’s web app allows Carter’s and Kayne Anderson's team members to keep an eye on their new development and investment.




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