How Camera Systems Help Owner’s Reps and Investors Drive Accountability, Security and Transparency

Carter USA, one of the nation’s leading real estate investment and development firms, needed a way to accurately report on progress and share real-time updates with their clients. As they began a new multifamily housing project, there was no hesitation in using OxBlue cameras for the job.

The Carter USA team, alongside their partners at equity firm Kayne Anderson, were able to use the cameras to:

  • Easily manage the project remotely
  • Minimize change orders, claims and disputes
  • Secure materials and equipment on site

“Being able to look back in the past five days, ten days, and then by the hour is really great. It helps my GC stay accountable because I can see what the team is doing and when they’re doing it.”

Download the case study to learn how OxBlue’s camera system became an essential tool for their projects.