Speculative industrial construction company that acts as owner, developer and contractor


Albuquerque, New Mexico


Review jobsite progress remotely from anywhere
Verify work to combat false claims
Subsidize security efforts with perimeter cameras
Keep future tenants informed on progress
Update investors on milestones with ease
Wow future tenants with stunning time-lapses

The Challenge

Monitoring, Managing and Marketing a Speculative Warehouse

Brunacini Co. has a reputation for understanding market needs and delivering outstanding, personalized service. So when it was time to develop some long-standing open real estate the company owned, they knew it wouldn’t be long before their 62k sq ft speculative warehouse and office space would fill up. The company wanted to generate excitement about the new location as well as increase transparency with prospective tenants. The visibility, the company decided, would help them more-efficiently monitor progress as well. With the site just shy of an hour away from headquarters yet farther than other projects in the works, adding a camera was an easy decision that just made sense. 


The Solution

Solar Live-Stream Cameras and Enhanced Security Measures

Using OxBlue’s Sapphire pan-tilt-zoom camera and solar trailer, Brunacini Co. was able to remotely monitor the jobsite, share real-time status updates during meetings and support security at the perimeter. The project manager, George Brunacini, said they were “using OxBlue in any way you can.” While sharing and remote site access was the primary reason the company purchased cameras, it quickly became an easier way to understand what was happening on the jobsite — during and after-hours. Placed conspicuously at the entrance, the camera made it easy to zoom in on active work and use motion detection to check on suspicious activity. Alongside the on-site guard, the camera helped deter vandals – the added security measures made this project one of the first without any trespassing, theft or vandalism. 

  • “We were using OxBlue in any way you can; we shared the login with our brokers and tenants, we’d send progress reports to stakeholders, we’d watch work live and use historical photos… There’s so many things you can do.”

    -George Brunacini, Project Manager, Brunacini Co.

  • “OxBlue provides amazing time-lapses and images. We have our cameras embedded on our website. Everyone I've shown it to says it’s amazing.”

    -George Brunacini, Project Manager, Brunacini Co.

  • “Just being able to see the job wherever you are is a huge benefit to us. The visibility helps get rid of the headaches that come with miscommunication.”

    -George Brunacini, Project Manager, Brunacini Co.

  • “We use the image history to help us determine scheduling for future jobs. Having OxBlue is a huge benefit for us.”

    -George Brunacini, Project Manager, Brunacini Co.


The Implementation

Unlocking the Power of Visibility

Sharing access to the cameras was a way Brunacini Co. could act on their core tenet of integrity. Through OxBlue’s web app, the company could add an unlimited number of users, making it easy for stakeholders of all roles to find key information. For the company’s broker, marketing team, future tenants and more — visibility was a click away. George stated that the “cameras solved different problems for each part of the business.” The access was key, but the time-lapses, historical photos and weather history made the tool more powerful.

Using the data captured by an OxBlue camera, George is able to reflect on jobsite milestones, team performance history and weather impact. Capturing the past helped him better forecast work for more accurate schedules and find process efficiencies. It was a source of truth for the company, so when a sidewalk was damaged by a third party, the photos quickly absolved Brunacini Co. of liability.


The Results

Streamlined Meetings to Unmatched Marketing

“The cameras helped with every aspect of the project,” George said. The instant and custom time-lapse features helped streamline project meetings with OAC partners. Live video and improved accountability for the company’s subcontractors. Clear and automatic documentation helped prevent rework, unnecessary costs and disputes. Even after the project was completed, the cameras helped make a lasting benefit. On the homepage of Brunacini’s website is a professional time-lapse video hand-edited by OxBlue’s video editors. The stunning visuals became a cornerstone of their website and showcases their superior level of work. From easier management to next-level marketing, Brunacini Co. said the cameras were a “huge benefit” that could be used business-wide.

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