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Tuscaloosa, Alabama


Clearly communicate progress with state officials at the DOT
Regularly monitor traffic and reduce liabilities
Quickly navigate changing conditions from anywhere
Brasfield & Gorrie - Bridge Rendering

The Challenge

Capturing a complete jobsite history

At a hotspot for speedy drivers and backed-up highways, the Alabama Department of Transportation developed a plan to create a single point urban interchange. The project meant four new lanes of highway and expansion of two bridges — with minimal opportunities for lane closures. The team at Brasfield & Gorrie needed a way to maximize resources and operate efficiently.

On demand jobsite access through the web app

The Solution

Live video construction cameras

The team placed an OxBlue Sapphire pan-tilt-zoom camera on an existing light pole nearby where they could watch both sides of the highway. The cameras helped track progress, streamline communication with the DOT and help Brasfield & Gorrie ensure construction didn't impact the highly-trafficked interchange.

  • “OxBlue was able to adjust our camera remotely during our critical shutdown period to increase image capture. The support team ensured we had what we needed without a problem. That ability was critical for us. Capturing the story on any given day, and during a critical time, helped prevent a lot of the he-said-she-said back and forth that can happen.”


    - Kevin Kane, Project Manager, Brasfield & Gorrie

  • “The time-lapse from the cameras provides a good story of the project, especially from a marketing perspective. We used the time-lapses at conferences and on social media. It was a great way to share a snapshot and success behind this project.” 

    -Kevin Kane, Project Manager, Brasfield & Gorrie

  • “It was really easy to work with the OxBlue team and get a dialed-in time-lapse that we could showcase."

    -Kevin Kane, Project Manager, Brasfield & Gorrie

Construction cameras made for documenting highway projects

The Implementation

Documenting the delivery

Documenting the project was one way Brasfield & Gorrie protected the team from liability, but it also helped ensure work was done correctly during the most critical phase of the project. The DOT allowed for very limited shut-down periods, making it imperative that the team used their time in the best way possible.

The Results

Sharing the story

Now, a glowing red arch over McFarland Boulevard welcomes motorists, and one intersection, instead of two, is easier to navigate for all travelers. For Brasfield & Gorrie, having the photographic history from OxBlue is a powerful reminder of their great success improving the safety and efficiency in the City of Tuscaloosa. With the professional time-lapses, the team was able to share a powerful snapshot of success on social media and at industry conferences.



A Powerful Snapshot of Success

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