Murphy Oil, a leading national retail gas chain with more than 1,500 locations across the nation, knew exactly what they needed to monitor and document their highly aggressive national expansion: a technologically capable and reliable camera system providing jobsite visibility with dependable customer support. This would enable Project Managers to track, document, and archive multiple builds while expanding throughout the United States.


This was no easy task as they were dealing with demanding construction deadlines while attempting to meet corporate expectations for rapid expansion into new markets. Murphy Oil needed a reliable way to enhance jobsite visibility to efficiently monitor projects and avoid the infiltration of project issues that plague construction sites across the globe on a daily basis; Things like supplier issues, vendor delays, and sub-contractor miscues, leading to delayed timelines for a massive national build schedule. The goal was to simply alleviate additional obstacles for Project Managers, and in turn eliminate project delays, which could lead to significant cost overruns.


While Murphy Oil understood the solution to these persistent onsite issues was increased visibility, they were faced with a dilemma – choosing the right company that could provide superior technology, a user-friendly experience, flexible and easy installation, and top-tier customer support. These items would be a game changer in the long-term, if Murphy Oil was to stay on task with an extremely aggressive national expansion effort. Realizing the critical nature of this decision, they decided to do a multiple project, side-by-side, systematic real-world comparison to engage three specific and definable factors: technology, reliability, and customer support.

Unique Side-by-Side Comparison

With the goal of increasing visibility for each and every project and getting their expansion back on course, Murphy Oil arranged for an intensive side-by-side comparison of what they deemed to be the best construction camera companies in the industry. They proceeded with a ten-camera pilot program between leading competitors that offered solutions in technology, reliability, and customer support. One company stood out in every aspect of performance, providing the greatest benefit in all facets: OxBlue.


The pilot program demonstrated a user experience second to none – one that was critical to long-term expansion objectives. In the eyes of Murphy Oil, OxBlue was the overwhelming choice to help rein in the expansion program. The ten-camera pilot study identified a superior camera technology that was user-friendly and easy to install, along with critical customer support that managed the program on their behalf. OxBlue truly acted as an extension of the Murphy Oil team and made sure that everything needed to support jobsite visibility was as easy as logging into the OxBlue interface.

Superior Technology and User-Friendly Experience

The OxBlue cameras satisfied their needs with a system that made it easy to view and monitor multiple job sites from anywhere across the country. The technology was instrumental in maintaining pace with the high profile expansion project schedule by providing eyes on every job site. With an increased level of accountability, the national chain could confidently manage multiple job sites, regaining their footing with the aggressive national expansion.

“The simple dashboard – It doesn’t require a lot of clicking around to see all the information.” — Jason Laird, Supervisor-Construction Process

The technology was superior to other construction camera companies, was user friendly, and extremely efficient with no need to “click around” to access the desired information. A project could be easily located, with the ability to analyze an exact moment in time – and they could do this with each and every project across the massive national expansion. Additionally, the entire system was reliable, which meant it could provide the monitoring, documentation, and archiving of every aspect of multiple projects.

Reliable Installation

The system was also flexible, meaning the cameras were easily installed and could be relocated as the project progressed. The cameras needed to be durable enough to withstand multiple installations, yet sophisticated enough to provide high-quality images from anywhere in the world. Given the logistics of multiple construction sites, ease of installation played a huge factor in the decision to choose OxBlue to enhance jobsite visibility.

Mobility was also a key consideration as there was often the need to relocate cameras during project life, to capture various perspectives. OxBlue offered multiple solutions to this requirement with simple installation and a variety of mounting options. In cases where electricity was scarce, OxBlue’s leased Solar Stations provided mobile power to the site before grounded wiring was even installed.

Exceptional Customer Support

Murphy Oil wanted to work with people they could rely on, for the duration of each project and beyond, and OxBlue far exceeded their expectations. The customer support was outstanding and the people were tremendous. They were proactive in managing logistics, from initial setup to take down and relocation, and they thrived on customer communication, keeping key stakeholders in the loop during the entire process. Murphy Oil Senior Director of Store Development even commented that the cameras have been instrumental in streamlining interdepartmental project communication. From the Superintendent and Project Manager down to subcontractors and vendors, every aspect of scheduling improved dramatically since implementing the OxBlue camera system.

Timelines and Critical Milestones

Aside from the obvious benefit OxBlue cameras provide, significance far beyond mere project visibility was essential to project development and oversight. Managing actual construction timelines is key for the Director of Construction for Murphy Oil. For example, oversight of project milestones (like gasoline tank installation) were accomplished within critical timelines, which in turn affect follow-on requirements, including pavement, concrete work, and much more. Moreover, sharing important information with vendors has increased overall collaborative efficiency across each and every project.

Additionally, responsiveness with the technology was key should they have questions, and OxBlue provided this to the highest degree. The support team offered consistent and employable insight into the camera system, from installation to project completion. The OxBlue Support Team was patient as they walked installers through the entire process, including camera removal.

“The level of customer service really made the difference in our decision. Everyone just loved the people at OxBlue.” — Jason Laird, Supervisor-Construction Process

Unintended Results

Since installing the OxBlue camera system to monitor national expansion, Murphy Oil discovered a few unintended benefits they would not have imagined. As an example, key stakeholders and senior company management are kept fully abreast of incremental progress and expectations. The cameras were also essential to efficient travel decisions and budgetary considerations, creating awareness of cost controls, saving the company considerable financial outlays. There were also several occasions where visibility created by OxBlue cameras was essential to the company winning momentous disputes with developers, preventing potentially extensive time and financial commitment.