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Remote visibility to monitor jobsite progress
Streamline communication with teams
Recapture costs of unforeseen conditions
Share biweekly updates using real-time visuals
Market development with stunning time-lapses
LRA Constructors City of Albany - Challenge

The Challenge

Clear documentation and communication with government officials

It was a project 23 years in the making.

The City of Albany, Georgia, had worked through many challenges to kickstart the reconstruction and development of a new city transportation center. Decades after the plans first materialized, LRA Constructors were selected to bring the center — a focal point for the community — back to life. Partnered with Niles Bolton Associates, the city and Georgia’s Department of Transportation, it was critical for LRA to establish a single source of truth for jobsite documentation and a strong line of communication between all parties.

LRA Constructors City of Albany - Solution

The Solution

Combatting Unknowns with Cameras

The project came with more challenges than expected; the site was a location where previous buildings had been, causing a myriad of unforeseen problems. Things like unmarked utility lines to potential architectural artifacts slowed down progress. But LRA Constructors had two OxBlue cameras to document the jobsite. In biweekly OAC meetings, the cameras were used to provide clear updates and highlight the time spent recovering from the unpredictable site changes. LRA Constructors were able to recoup costs, monitor impact of changing conditions and adjust schedules to remain on track with the help of the camera’s live feeds and jobsite history. 

  • “The camera helped us to recapture most of the cost for the unforeseen conditions. It helped us track trucks and equipment movement that told the story of what we had to do there.”

    -Jake Reese, Project Executive, LRA Constructors, Inc

  • “It was good for me to have visibility of the site whenever I needed it.”

    -Jake Reese, Project Executive, LRA Constructors

  • “OxBlue’s customer service is very accessible and responsive. When we needed help, it was simple.”

    -Jake Reese, Project Executive, LRA Constructors


The Implementation

Advanced search history and remote access

The cameras automatically capture images and videos with time-stamps and weather data, but the OxBlue web app adds an additional layer of ease: advanced image search to track equipment. LRA Constructors were able to pinpoint when certain trucks and machinery moved in and out of the jobsite. While site visits were routine for the project managers, they couldn’t be on the project all the time. Remote access and camera controls allowed team leads to pan, tilt and zoom the camera to understand what was happening at any given time.
LRA Constructors City of Albany - Result

The Results

Honoring civil rights history

Despite the challenges of the project, LRA Constructors were able to complete the project on schedule. The Albany Transportation Center was transformed into a state-of-the-art facility for the more than 650k passengers who traverse through it yearly. Throughout the process and at the unveiling, LRA Constructors were able to share the time-lapses to social media to highlight the story of the build.

Centered in the station, and seen in the time-lapse, is another incredible tale: a beautiful plaza dedicated to Ola Mae Quarterman; the first woman to refuse giving up her seat during segregation. Now, the Albany Transportation Center reflects its importance in the Albany Civil Rights movement and honors its citizens with a truly communal space.

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