A small, historic town with 17,000 vehicles passing through it each day

Town of Hillsboro, Virginia


Manage extensive construction
Monitor traffic patterns in real-time
Document a life-changing project
Communicate with the public
Increase collaboration among remote teams
Town of Hillsboro-Challenge

The Challenge

Navigating uncharted territory with clear visibility

When the Town of Hillsboro first proposed a massive road and utility project — the public rebuked and negotiations were ongoing and difficult. There were no sidewalks, no ways to safely get from one end of the 0.7 mile wide town to the other without a vehicle. In order to streamline traffic and add sidewalks for the first time, the one commuter highway would have to be closed. The process was complex with more than 20 years of back-and-forth planning.

The Mayor was facing unprecedented challenges:

-How could they manage such an extensive job?

-How would they maintain their traffic plan?

-How were they going to document this life-altering project for residents?

Town of Hillsboro - Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera for Roads

The Solution

Live-streaming construction cameras

Using OxBlue gave the town a solution to easily manage the job by providing live streaming, HD images for sharing and on demand access to the jobsite. The Town also utilized OxBlue's integrations to build a website that shared real-time updates of the construction, resulting in nearly 3,000 people checking the images.

From documenting the complexities, assisting on-the-ground teams, securing the site and communicating with residents, OxBlue’s solution was an integral tool to combat roadblocks.

  • "OxBlue cameras became integral to the overall maintenance and management of the project. We were able to monitor for safety, document the progress and monitor shifting traffic patterns”.

    - Mayor Roger Vance, Town of Hillsboro

  • “When you talk about managing a project, OxBlue cameras are the kinds of things that are worth the cost, even if it’s only for the documentation. For us, the cameras were used in many different ways, including for safety.”

    - Mayor Roger Vance, Town of Hillsboro

  • “The cameras really facilitate a lot of collaboration that you couldn’t have had otherwise. For example, our design engineers weren’t based here and they could check in at any time to see what was happening. One inspector could cover a lot of ground just because he could look at the camera view, and know where he needed to go on site.”


    - Mayor Roger Vance, Town of Hillsboro

  • “The cameras helped significantly on the public relations and communications side of things. A lot of people wanted to know what was happening so sharing time-lapses became a regular feature on how we communicated with the public and the media."

    -Mayor Roger Vance, Town of Hillsboro

Town of Hillsboro Construction Camera Web Access from Anywhere

The Implementation

Gained trust through transparency

The Town setup four OxBlue Sapphire pan-tilt-zoom cameras, each with four different views to manage the work. The construction firm hired for the project used the camera's live feed and photo history to monitor progress. Engineers remotely viewed the site to determine when visits were necessary and the police department monitored the cameras for traffic and night-time incidents.

The Results

Award-winning visuals and documented success

The project has now won numerous awards and the Mayor is even asked to consult with other small towns on how to manage such a project. Their professional time-lapse, provided after every project by OxBlue, was shared at a conference to highlight the incredible transformation.



Watch the Transformation

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