Capturing a Town’s Transformation with Cameras

When the Town of Hillsboro first proposed a massive road and utility project — the public rebuked and negotiations were ongoing and difficult. In order to streamline traffic and add sidewalks for the first time, the one commuter highway would have to be closed.

The process was complex with more than 20 years of back-and-forth planning. The Mayor was facing unprecedented challenges:

  • How were they going to manage such an extensive job for the first time?
  • How would the public travel around the roadwork?
  • What about night-time safety, public communication … rising costs?
Question after question was answered in the form of a construction camera. OxBlue’s advanced time-lapse video webcam gave the town a solution that worked for everyone. From documenting the complexities, assisting on-the-ground teams, securing the site and communicating with residents, OxBlue’s solution was the necessary tool to combat roadblocks.

Download the case study to learn how the camera system transformed the project with clear visibility.


“OxBlue cameras became integral to the overall maintenance and management of the project. We were able to monitor for safety, document the progress and monitor shifting traffic patterns”
— Mayor Roger Vance


Download the Case Study