KDC is a leading national developer of commercial office buildings, corporate facilities, and mixed-use projects for companies.


Dallas, TX


Manage the jobsite with real-time remote access
Document changing conditions automatically
Enhance their marketing with wow-worthy videos
Remote visual access into construction projects

The Challenge

Providing best-in-class visibility

With a reputation for carefully curating corporate environments, KDC has worked with the top brands in the country, developing more than 30 million square feet over the last 30 years. The company needed a best-in-class communication and jobsite visibility tool to help easily manage, document and market their projects.

Construction camera webapp provides perfect jobsite history

The Solution

Clear communication with strong visuals

KDC routinely uses images from their cameras in reviews, meetings and external presentations. The visuals help better identify and communicate changes with all involved, shedding light on important details. The company says that having readily available videos sets the tone with their prospects, while transparently displaying image galleries highlight the strength of their team.

  • "OxBlue goes above and beyond. If our camera goes down, I get a phone call immediately. If there’s an issue, I hear from OxBlue and it’s taken care of."

    -Robert Maddux, Vice President Design & Construction, KDC

  • "If my clients are curious about a project, they don't need to ask me for an update or visit the site themselves. They can easily look at their phone or computer, which is a super convenient way to get the information they want."

    -Robert Maddux, Vice President Design & Construction, KDC

  • "Anyone who is exploring our work can see in real-time what's going on with a project. It’s open to the public and fantastic from a marketing standpoint."

    -Robert Maddux, Vice President Design & Construction, KDC

Shared remote access helps all stakeholders involved

The Implementation

Transparency with clients and accountability with vendors

Vendors are able to rely on the project’s visual record to defend weather credits and validate deliveries. When severe weather conditions threaten a jobsite’s schedule, KDC uses the easily accessible webapp to filter images and review the true impact of the weather. Clients receive monthly and quarterly reports with the high-definition time-lapses, helping the team clearly communicate key milestones.

The Results

Enhanced brand reputation with professional visuals

Clear documentation of the jobsite helps KDC maintain a strong relationship with their portfolio of industry-leading brands. Construction managers frequently use the photo gallery and comparison tools to highlight work across projects. For KDC, sharing access and visibility with their clients is so valuable and one of the "million ways" they use the cameras. Now, OxBlue cameras are considered a standard for each project.



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