Monitoring Mission Critical Facilities with Ease

Compass Data Centers works with some of the biggest names in the tech industry — but you’ve likely never heard of them. 

As one of the fastest growing companies, Compass works on top-secret and mission critical facilities that they must keep secure. Although they work with industry-leading brands, they needed an easy way to keep their clients' data center projects under wraps while still sharing access with authorized contractors and partners.

Using OxBlue, they found an easier way to save time, cut costs, protect the jobsite and produce marketing videos with respect to client privacy.

"OxBlue helps reduce travel time for our off-site personnel which is not only a cost savings, but a better work environment so people do not have to travel away from their families."

Download the case study to read how Compass used OxBlue on mission critical projects to:
  • Monitor site access and progress
  • Reduce risk, rework and roadblocks
  • Share images and updates confidentially
  • Sign on new clients