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As one of the fastest-growing private companies, Compass has already executed over $5 billion dollars worth of construction.


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Monitor site access and progress
Reduce risk, rework and roadblocks
Share images and updates confidentially
Sign on new clients
Compass builds highly secretive data centers

The Challenge

Restricting access while maintaining clear oversight

As one of the fastest growing companies, Compass works on top-secret and mission critical facilities that they must keep secure. Although they work with industry-leading brands, they needed an easy way to keep their clients' data center projects under wraps while still sharing access with authorized contractors and partners. Their dedicated to client anonymity and sustainable building meant setting rigourous standards for jobsite oversight.

Construction security through web app

The Solution

Verification with award-winning energy-efficient cameras

The company leverages the Cobalt camera, the most energy-efficienty and solar-friendly camera on the market. Cobalt uses less than half of the typical wattage of a webcam and comes with the highest resolutions available. Compass also uses both exterior and interior cameras to act as “fact-checkers” for what happens on-site. OxBlue's additional admin functionality allowed Compass to easily restrict views to key stakeholders, maintaining client privacy and security. As progress continues inside, Compass uses a pan-tilt-zoom camera for live streams and motion detection for added security.

  • “It’s great that you can easily control who is allowed to view cameras with a distribution list in the OxBlue web app. We’re still able to securely share visuals through OxBlue’s Procore integration so our corporate teams, general contractors, subcontractors and design team can have easy remote access.”

    -Amanda Brown, Senior Construction Manager , Compass

  • "OxBlue helps reduce travel time for our off-site personnel which is not only a cost savings, but a better work environment so people do not have to travel away from their families."

    -Amanda Brown, Senior Construction Manager , Compass

  • “OxBlue generated time-lapse videos help provide important marketing data that not only saves the company money but helps to earn money through signing on new clients. The cameras capture that “wow” factor. For us, going from an old farm field to an active data center campus was really neat. The images tell the story for us.”

    -Amanda Brown, Senior Construction Manager, Compass

Pan-tilt-zoom cameras provide visibility and motion detection

The Implementation

Strengthened security for confidential projects

By using OxBlue, Compass is able to strengthen their security, find more ways to improve sustainability and produce marketing materials to win new business, despite their confidential clientele. The cameras provide Compass the balance needed to keep teams in the loop while maintaining strict levels of privacy. With solar-powered cameras, Compass is able to uphold their commitment to sustainability.

The Results

Better work-life balance through valuable visibility

As their construction camera provider, OxBlue acts as Compass' partner in streamlining visibility and communication. The cameras are installed through OxBlue's professional network, which includes a hassle-free process. Compass is able to use time-lapses to keep an eye out for risks and rework. For the team, that visibility provides an intangible cost savings and a better work-life balance during construction. Overall, Compass is able to rely on OxBlue to provide transparency, security and access their clients need.


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