How Cameras Replaced Roadblocks with Remarkable Visuals

The City of Montgomery, Ohio, was building a new development project called the Montgomery Quarter. The hotly-anticipated “work-live-play” space required the City to undergo its largest construction project yet: modifying the existing ramp system into a round-a-bout.

Public officials needed an easy way to monitor progress, communicate with construction crews and address resident’s concerns about traffic conditions. Using OxBlue’s pan-tilt-zoom cameras with live-streaming capabilities helped remedy roadblocks and wow-locals with stunning visual updates.

“We recommend OxBlue to anyone with a project like this. The camera really allowed us to monitor traffic in real-time and see how construction was impacting it.”
— Assistant City Manager

Download the case study to see how the City was able to:

  • Manage milestones, inspections and scheduling
  • Fact-check disputes and claims
  • Reduce traffic hazards while improving safety
  • Generate excitement with custom time-lapses

Download the Case Study