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City of Montgomery Roundabout Project

The Challenge

Intersection Modifications

The City of Montgomery, Ohio, was building a new development project called the Montgomery Quarter. The hotly-anticipated “work-live-play” space required the City to undergo its largest construction project yet: modifying the existing ramp system into a round-a-bout. Public officials needed an easy way to monitor progress, communicate with construction crews and address resident’s concerns about traffic conditions. 

Sapphire Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera for Roundabout Projects

The Solution

Pan-Tilt-Zoom video cameras

The City used a Pan-Tilt-Zoom video camera which gave local officials the capability to remotely adjust the camera, capture 4 different views, and zoom in on live video. OxBlue allows for an unlimited number of users, even if access needs to be shared with an outside organization. This made it easy for the City and their development partners to use the camera simultaneously for schedule and progress tracking.

  • “We recommend OxBlue to anyone with a project like this. It gave our residents peace of mind that everything was under control. The camera really allowed us to monitor traffic in real-time and see how construction was impacting it.”

    — Assistant City Manager, Tracy Henao, City of Montgomery

  • “We shared the time-lapse on our social media pages and we received a great reaction from residents. People were so impressed with seeing the amount of work done in such a short time.”

    — Assistant City Manager, Tracy Henao, City of Montgomery

City of Montgomery - Remote web access

The Implementation

OxBlue’s web-app

The City was able to utilize the web-app’s one-click social and email sharing feature. This allowed the City to give residents an inside-look at progress that was easier to share than using outlines or mockups.

For the City, sharing time-lapses was a natural way to communicate the changes occurring. OxBlue’s web-app lets users instantly click and generate time-lapses for work done in 24 hours, 7-days, a month, or even specific time-periods.

The Results

Remarkable Transformation

The City of Montgomery documented a remarkable transformation with the help of OxBlue’s cutting-edge camera systems. These advanced technologies not only allowed the city to effortlessly maintain schedules and avoid traffic hazards, but also left the public in awe with their breathtaking visuals.


City of Montgomery Transforms Traffic

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