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Gain public trust through real-time visual updates
Reduce travel costs for specialized engineers across the country
Use time-lapses to share build process internationally
Nevada DOT - World's longest bridge project

The Challenge

Gaining public buy-in

Building what would be one of the world’s largest arch bridges over Nevada’s Galena Creek was an audacious plan — one the home of the Hoover Dam was excited to construct. The bridge would need to act as an extension between Reno and Carson City as part of Interstate 580 and would be a significant infrastructure development at 1,719 ft long. The Nevada Department of Transportation needed public buy-in for the project which had been considered on-and-off since the 1950s.

Solar station solution for worldwide monitoring

The Solution

Shared visibility for all through web cameras

As construction began, project managers used OxBlue cameras to feed live updates to the public. Access was shared among all stakeholders to keep everyone on the same page. Teams were able to view images in remote locations simultaneously for troubleshooting. From hundreds of miles away in California, one geotechnical engineer used the cameras to monitor the soil being excavated. With a perfect memory of the jobsite, NDOT and their construction management team reduced unncessary costs.

  • "This has proved to be a huge benefit from a project-management and claims-avoidance perspective. The result has been substantial savings to NDOT."

    Randy Bowling, Founding Principal, Bowling Mamola Group

  • "The cameras improved trust with stakeholders and increased accountability for the department and our contractors"

    Todd Montgomery, Assistant Construction Engineer, NDOT

Construction cameras provide visibility on demand

The Implementation

Solar-powered cameras with real-time views

Despite the uneven terrain, lack of power and landline access, OxBlue cameras were placed on site using solar-powered stations. Each camera includes a built-in 5G LTE service connection to keep cameras online even when they’re off-grid. These high-resolution cameras were carefully installed to provide the public with live updates, creating an unparalleled opportunity for anyone to witness the progress unfold in real-time. 

The Results

Goodwill with the public and reduced costs

While the visual access helped reduce site visits, it also impacted the schedule and change orders. The photographic archived allowed the team to save time, money and frustration to keep the project moving forward. Overall, the cameras helped NDOT and their construction team to build goodwill with the public, maintain strong accountability, remotely manage the project and cut costs around claims.


Watch the Historical Time-Lapse Footage

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