How Cameras Impacted the World’s Longest Arch Bridge

For more than 20 years, the residents of Nevada had gone back and forth on extending a bridge between Reno and Carson City. It was a $400 million dollar project that the Nevada Department of Transportation needed public buy-in for — a project that would ultimately make waves worldwide.

With an OxBlue time-lapse construction camera, Bowling Mamola group would change public perception and intrigue international viewers for what would become the world’s longest arch bridge.


"This has proved to be a huge benefit from a project-management and claims-avoidance perspective. The result has been substantial savings to NDOT."

- Randy Bowling, Founding Principal, Bowling Mamola Group


Download the case study to see how the civil engineering firm:

  • Gained public trust through real-time visual updates
  • Reduced travel costs for specialized engineers across the country
  • Used time-lapses to share their build process internationally