Noble is a real estate investment manager specializing in the travel and hospitality sector.


Atlanta, GA


Improve communications among decision-makers
Resolve incidents with clear documentation
Monitor for compliance and safety agreements
Track progress and validate claims
OxBlue images provide a great way for the team to see their investments come to fruition

The Challenge

Provide remote jobsite access

Gary Womack is the boots-on-the-ground man for Noble Investment Group, but he’s not the only person who wants to have a regular look around the firm’s project sites. Such a visual review used to require the Atlanta-based investment firm’s principals to fly or drive to places where Noble was building or renovating hotels.  It was a time- and money-consuming chore for Noble executives, who manage the company’s $2 billion in hotels and resort assets throughout the United States — most affiliated with Marriott, Hyatt, Starwood, and Hilton.

Noble used the construction camera web app for visibility

The Solution

Advanced construction cameras with superior monitoring

Noble looked at other construction cameras and even tried a few, but the company chose OxBlue over competitors because of its superior, easy-to-use technology: high-resolution, time-lapse images available via a Web-enabled platform enhanced with robust features, such as weather sensors and zoom-in viewing.

  • “Because our investment and executive teams are based here in Atlanta, those guys don’t get a chance to view the progress of our company’s construction ventures in real time. OxBlue images provide a great way for the team to see their investments come to fruition, right from their desk.”

    Gary Womack , Noble Investment Group

  • "We were able to use OxBlue images to quantify the time spent on site and materials that were coming and going, it helped us resolve several disputes.”

    Gary Womack , Noble Investment Group

Construction cameras document the jobsite in perfect detail to track progress

The Implementation

Simplified on-demand access on any device

As different layers of waterproofing and flashing are applied, Noble says it’s very beneficial to be able to track the installation progress and make judgments about construction quality while the crews are working. For Noble, such detailed monitoring can help prevent a problem, rather than deal with its effects in the future. At a site in Charleston, the camera also helped Noble stay true to promises made to the homeowners who live near the site by ensuring work was only performed during certain hours.

The Results

Improved communication and stronger oversight

OxBlue allowed Noble decision-makers to remotely view current and historic site images, boosting oversight and improving communication with team members and contractors. Using the image archive means that the team has the flexibility to look back in team and see a project from beginning to end. Ultimately, such clear documentation helped resolve disputes, quantify time spent on site and track progress.

Watch the Time-Lapse

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