OxBlue Cameras

Stay connected to your job site with a high-
resolution camera that provides viewers with wide
angle views of the project. OxBlue cameras range
from 6 to 50MP to give you the power to review in
detail exactly what occurs and when on the site.

Interface and Software

Focus on your project with an intuitive and responsive interface that simplifies your process. OxBlue’s interface gives instant access from anywhere to your job site and integrates with several project management software programs so you have the tools to better understand and analyze project’s progress.

Client Support

Maintain project timelines with assistance from our
dedicated client support team, who manage all
your camera needs. The in-house support experts
take care of everything for you and ensure an
effortless client experience with solution-driven
answers to all your questions. You also contact
client support using you preferred method,
whether it is: phone, email, text, or chat.

Time-lapse Videos

Promote your progress and keep stakeholders informed with daily project updates. OxBlue’s time-lapse technologies – instant, customizable, and professionally produced – document and showcase your work from project inception to completion. Once the project is completed, our time-lapse experts hand-pick images to craft a stunning visual representation of your work.

Solar Power

Take your project mobile by eliminating the need
for electricity. Solar-powered solutions are easy to
use and simple to install on any project. You can
place a camera anywhere on site and know that, as
long as the sun can reach the panel, the camera
will be recording the progress.

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