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Document transformative development
Review jobsite progress remotely
Share real-time access across teams and organizations
Verify work, change orders and activity
Excite students and the community with stunning visuals
CWC - Equine and Science_Challenge

The Challenge

Expanding facilities with remote AEC partners

Central Wyoming College was making an investment in their agricultural sciences facilities — by more than tripling the size.

The project drew in a strong, but spread out team: the architects, general contractor and State construction management were all hundreds of miles away. It would be a challenge to coordinate all interested parties; each needed real-time access. With unpredictable weather patterns causing delays as well; CWC knew keeping everyone on the same page would be key.

CWC - Equine and Science_Solution

The Solution

Live streaming webcams for construction projects

The CWC found that an 8MP pan-tilt-zoom OxBlue camera was a simple way to connect all parties to the ongoing progress. The easy-to-use web app lets stakeholders stream the site live for real-time updates. With clear visibility, weather-tracking and time-stamped images, teams were able to improve workflows, verify activity and track key milestones. And as the weather turned to unprecedented lows in some areas, the camera documentation ensured that cold-sensitive materials were properly protected and executed.

For the Director of Physical Plant, Wayne Robinson, the ability to show evidence of what impacted the schedule, why and how, added a “layer of professionalism” and accountability.

  • “From start to finish, OxBlue is simple to implement, use and navigate. Having a camera is a worthy investment.”

    -Wayne Robinson, Director of Physical Plant, Central Wyoming College

  • “One of the benefits of OxBlue was that I could see the live weather conditions and monitor that impact on the team.”

    -Wayne Robinson, Director of Physical Plant, Central Wyoming College

  • “Cameras add a layer of professionalism because it shows the truth of the project rather than having to take our word for it.”

    -Wayne Robinson, Director of Physical Plant, Central Wyoming College

  • “Just looking back on the sequencing of the building helped provide lessons learned for other projects on how we can construct facilities of this size.”

    -Matthew Dapp, Project Manager, State of Wisconsin


The Implementation

Connecting users and communicating in real-time

OxBlue’s web app includes unlimited users and requires no training. Anyone who needed eyes on the jobsite was able to access it remotely, and quickly. Choosing the PTZ camera, in particular, allowed users to remotely-control the live feed to see multiple angles. One PTZ camera captures four views, for a true panoramic capture. Additionally, the PTZ includes motion-detection features, which notified the team when a trespass occurred on site.

CWC - Equine and Science_Result

The Results

Highlighting triumphs state-wide

At the grand opening of the much-anticipated agricultural center, the history of the project shined brightly. Shown on screens and shared on social media, the story of the center’s construction came to life through OxBlue’s professional time-lapse. Now, CWC’s agricultural program serves as a state-of-the-art way to share generations of farming knowledge.

From communication, documentation to security oversight, CWC and other stakeholders utilized OxBlue construction cameras to easily manage the complex project.

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