Protect the jobsite after-hours

Reduce risk, combat theft and prevent damages outside normal working hours using OxBlue’s security cameras. 24/7 streaming, custom motion detection, automatic documentation and an optional certified security service helps defend your jobsite from threats.

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Jobsite Security in 4 Simple Steps

live stream security construction camera

Sapphire video cameras record and live stream the jobsite.

Motion detection exposes suspicious activity and sends a video clip.

security motion detection construction camera

certified security agents construction camera

Project owners or certified security monitoring agents verify the threat and take appropriate action.

Powerful optical zoom provides close up views for clear documentation.

security construction camera optical zoom


  • Peachtree Hotel Group

    “We were able to use the footage from our OxBlue camera to see what time a break-in happened and capture the make, model and license plate of the car involved.” 

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  • Security. Safety. Streaming.

     All-in-one live video camera package.

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Sapphire PTZ

Live Video Monitoring

Experience real-time video monitoring like never before with OxBlue’s Sapphire security cameras.


How to set up your security camera for best results


Place cameras on every side of the build area to eliminate blindspots. With multiple cameras on site, you can ensure your perimeter is completely covered.

security construction camera coverage


Mount cameras over 10 ft high, up to 200 ft at a distance, and in optimal lighting conditions to get the best views of suspicious activity after-hours.

security construction camera placement


Provide additional lighting to brighten up viewing areas. Street lights, floodlights and/or additional spotlights help to clearly identify persons or objects, create a deterrent to criminal activity, and minimize false alarms.

Optimal Lighting Conditions

Local lighting on the project, including street lights

security construction camera

Poor Lighting Conditions

No lights on the jobsite or monitoring area

security construction camera

Secure Your Jobsite