Capture details. Understand progress. Minimize risk.

Always know what is happening on the jobsite with remote vision and perfect memory from OxBlue. View projects anytime, from anywhere with on-demand access to live images, video, and time-lapse technology. Stay on top of changing conditions with quick access to activity, weather, and safety data using artificial intelligence. Safeguard construction sites after-hours with security surveillance, verification and emergency dispatch services.


Total jobs monitored


High-Res Photos Taken


Years of Work Documented

oxblue construction camera

Capture and document clear project details

Automatically document the history of jobsite activity, safety and security with industry-leading HD photos, time-lapse, and live streaming video webcams.



Secure Your Site Against Risks

Defend your jobsite from threats using OxBlue's 24/7 streaming, custom motion detection, automatic documentation and an optional live security service.

oxblue construction camera
oxblue construction camera

See What's Happening, Any Time, Any Where

Access the jobsite on any device and track what's happening with ease. From big picture to little details, we offer a full portfolio of turnkey camera systems built to suit your needs.


Understand Progress and Performance with Ease

Stay on top of critical milestones and identify next step priorities with artificial intelligence features that chart and monitor activity, safety and weather information.

oxblue construction camera
oxblue construction camera

Easily Share Updates With Others

Close the communication gap across projects and roles with one-click sharing and automatic updates. With an intuitive interface, you can easily increase project transparency.


Work with a Trusted Partner

Experience a different approach to customer service. You manage the build, our US-based experts will handle the rest with dedicated, solution-driven, customer care.

oxblue construction camera

Drive Better Project Outcomes with Hexagon Brands

Hexagon is a global leader in digital reality solutions, combining innovative sensor, software and autonomous technologies through a worldwide network of partner companies. Together, we are putting data to work to boost efficiency, productivity, quality and safety across the construction life cycle. Empower your project teams with tools from OxBlue and Hexagon’s other industry leading brands.

  • Agtek® part of Hexagon

    Accurately takeoff and estimate quantities, model efficient construction processes and measure progress through the construction lifecycle.

  • Bricsys® part of Hexagon

    Create, manage and share accurate, information-rich 2D / 3D CAD models for review, mark-up, annotations, measurements, and modifications.

  • Leica Geosystems® part of Hexagon

    Capture, measure and visualize your jobsites with the 200+ year technology leader for positioning, layout, machine control, scanning, detection and more.

  • Multivista® part of Hexagon

    Fully capture your jobsite with 360 degree photography, 3D laster scanning, Scan to BIM, UAV services, and automated workflow solutions.

  • Projectmates® part of Hexagon

    Avoid delays and save your budget with our construction project management application made specifically for owners.

  • Introducing Security Detection, Defense and Deterrence Options

    Introducing Security Detection, Defense and Deterrence Options

    New hardware and service options for our video cameras help you fortify the jobsite against risks. Deter, detect and defend your jobsite with real-time protection.


  • Better Outcomes Through Autonomy

    Better Outcomes Through Autonomy

    Learn how autonomous technology is transforming construction in Hexagon's new Tech Outlook - featuring valuable insights from over 1,000 industry leaders.


  • Protect Your Projects with Live Security

    Protect Your Projects with Live Security

    Trust the experts to keep watch of the jobsite after-hours with OxBlue’s optional live security surveillance service.


  • We're Hiring!

    We're Hiring!

    OxBlue is always looking for new talent to join our growing company. Come join OxBlue where the culture is engaging and the perks are endless.


  • Capture the Truth

    Capture the Truth

    Discover how industry leaders across the country are fast-tracking schedules, safe-guarding investments and making gains on work-life balance. 


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  • "When I have regularly scheduled meetings, I can look at the pictures and decide that I don't need to spend $1,000 and fly up to Boston. I can hold meetings from my office and talk with my guys there."

  • "With OxBlue, we can verify work in place, identify any performance issues, and have more visibility to things we could possibly do differently."

  • "Always there with a quick response and solution."

  • "The people, service, and value make OxBlue one of our most valued partners."

  • "OxBlue cameras are on all my projects. I can pull the cameras up from my office to stay on top of everything."

  • "OxBlue allowed us to refute a claim using the photography, weather data, and project time stamps. The technology saved us $2 million dollars."

  • "It has been proven to be worth its weight in gold."

  • "The technology allowed us to engage consumers and better serve development needs. We were happy with the product; we were happy with the people."

  • Our partnership with OxBlue has delivered tremendous value to Clayco, giving us critical insight and visibility into our jobsites. OxBlue’s technology, service, and expertise deliver a complete solution and they continue to drive new innovations into their offerings. As our preferred national vendor, we continue to see more and more value in the relationship as we collaborate on the future of construction.

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