Add a layer of powerful security monitoring

Know when there’s suspicious activity on site using Sapphire’s built-in motion detection feature. Define an observation area, set hours for alerts and get 30-second time-stamped video clips right to your inbox to quickly determine risk. Sapphire automatically adjusts in low-light conditions to saturate colors and sharpen images so you can look out for liabilities well-past work hours.





Capture and control pristine videos and views

Designed for optimal visibility, Sapphire’s image and video stabilization means you’ll get crisp, clear views no matter strong winds, vibrations from heavy equipment or from the 30x optical zoom. 1080p HD video streams, custom presets and 360* remote control means you can use Sapphire to capture multiple angles and views with just one camera.

Cobalt Sapphire

Monitor your entire site with user-controlled pan-tilt-zoom

Understand intricate details of your jobsite using controllable horizontal pan, vertical tilt, and zoom technology. Eliminate the need to be on-site by using customizable pre-sets to instantly view any area of your project’s construction progress.

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