OxBlue is a turnkey solution that offers the visual access and insight needed to make relevant, informed decisions quickly. With smart tools and intuitive features on one app, it’s easy to communicate progress, monitor sites after hours and connect with teams from anywhere.


    Responsive mobile app for any device

    Access the jobsite with the App

    Remotely manage the jobsite on any device through the online app that's optimised for desktop, tablets and mobile devices. See projects in real-time, communicate updates and easily review progress in one place.

    Select a high-definition camera

    Quickly review when and what happens on site. OxBlue offers a selection of HD, 4K and wide-angle with up to 60 MP cameras, fit for any type of project. Understand what's happening with the job using a system that shows details in an instant.


    Connect and collaborate in one place

    Move images to your primary project management program to track milestones and monitor schedules. With integrations for PlanGrid, ProCore, Newmetrix and more, you can streamline systems and enhance productivity.

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