Watch Your Designs Evolve

Stay informed and involved throughout a project with OxBlue’s construction cameras. Real-time views and time-lapses help architects:

  • Remotely monitor what’s happening in the field 
  • Strengthen communication with construction teams 
  • Promote your work with powerful, cinematic time-lapses

Case Study: Nova Southeastern University's Mako Residence Hall

“OxBlue’s PTZ cameras help us build field reports with the views we captured since we can’t always be present on the site.”

  — Architect, Reisha Allport, Niles Bolton Associates

Stay Informed and Involved on the Jobsite

Connect to the jobsite from anywhere with OxBlue construction cameras. With a real-time look at the project, you can strengthen communication, navigate jobsite changes and promote the end result with ease.




Remotely monitor what’s happening in the field with live visuals and video.

Access the jobsite on any device through the easy-to-use online app. See projects in real-time, review image history or watch weeks worth of progress in a matter of seconds with time-lapses.

  • View the project on your phone, tablet or computer
  • Stream the jobsite live or access video on-demand 
  • Generate custom time-lapses instantly in the app


Strengthen communication with construction teams to keep projects on schedule.

Easily collaborate with jobsite personnel using built-in sharing and mark-up tools. Within one app, you can schedule automatic updates for OAC meetings, follow up with changes and ensure work is done to specifications. 

  • Compare images side-by-side or with overlay
  • Build and access photo galleries
  • Mark observations and create RFIs within the app






Promote your work with stunning, cinematic time-lapses.
Share your wow-worthy work at the end of every project with a professionally-produced time-lapse video. Created in-house, you’ll have a powerful marketing asset that puts your skill and expertise in the spotlight.

  • Get one free time-lapse with every project
  • Choose from 4K Ultra or 1080p HD resolution
  • Add your branding, music and visual effects for customization

Discover the Power of Construction Cameras

Clear communication. Instant documentation.
On demand access for all AEC partners.

Bridge the gap between design and construction with on-demand access to project progress. Get ahead of changes and RFIs early in the construction process by understanding in real-time what’s happening on site. With one-click sharing and mark-up features built-in the app, it’s easy to collaborate with jobsite personnel.

  • Cobalt

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    Video on Demand
    8, 16, 24, 60 mp options
  • Indigo

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    Video on Demand
    8, 12, 16 mp options
  • Sapphire

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    Always On Video
    2, 8 mp options