Webinar: Solving Jobsite Mysteries

How can construction teams solve the mysteries behind common roadblocks and slowdowns on the construction site? What tools can help sleuth out information and identify anomalies? 

Watch our on demand webinar to learn how to become a jobsite detective. We’ll explore how machine learning, real-time images and cameras can all be used to uncover the truth. 

Download the webinar and see if you can crack the cases open:

  • An invoice shows a major upcharge for a concrete additive that wasn’t in the quote. Was it a legitimate additive or an unnecessary charge?
  • Project schedules are consistently misaligned to what’s happening on the jobsite. What’s getting in the way of accurate forecasts?
  • Jobsite materials go missing on site, costing thousands of dollars. But who is responsible … and what could’ve stopped them?
Rob Hall 2



Rob Hall, Director of Product at OxBlue


Rob Hall is a product management expert with an extensive background in software development as well as commercial and multifamily construction, roofing and lifecycle maintenance. Rob’s laser-focused on developing tools that help owners, developers and general contractors get more value out of their visual data

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