On Demand Webinar: Q&A: Security Monitoring on the Jobsite

Why is a construction camera an effective tool for safeguarding materials?

What are your options for protecting the jobsite after-hours?

How many cameras will you need to secure the jobsite?

Download our Q&A discussion on the why, what and how’s of security monitoring with OxBlue construction cameras. In our 30-minute webinar, we talk about how a time-lapse camera may actually be the most affordable, and effective, way to protect your jobsite.

You'll Learn

  • Why a construction camera is essential for safeguarding your site
  • What camera capabilities you need to secure equipment and materials
  • How you can save time and money with time-lapse security cameras
Rob Hall 2




Rob Hall, Director of Product at OxBlue


Rob Hall is a product management expert with an extensive background in software development as well as commercial and multifamily construction, roofing and lifecycle maintenance. Rob’s laser-focused on developing tools that help owners, developers and general contractors get more value out of their visual data.



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