Webinar: From Risk to Reward: Cameras for Quality Control

What can a construction camera offer every industry professional? How does a camera capture critical data for every market-size, region and industry? And what could you be missing that would impact risks, roadblocks and delays?


Download our 25-minute webinar to understand the true power of capturing the jobsite with a construction camera. Our session explores the differences between camera technology, how artificial intelligence makes an impact on project management, and shares a new perspective for securing the jobsite. Hear stories about what other general contractors, developers and owners all have to gain through this valuable type of project visibility.


You'll Learn

  • What project teams gain by using construction cameras on jobsites
  • How artificial intelligence can help drive efficiencies with project management
  • How time-lapse cameras also help reduce risk and losses after-hours
L.C. Graf-Juarez(1)




L.C. Graf-Juarez, Content Manager


L.C. is a passionate writer and researcher who focuses on documenting, analyzing and understanding trends in the construction industry. Using her background in journalism and business, L.C. uncovers the stories of industry leaders who are making critical advancements in jobsite technology. In her work, she explores digital construction autonomy, artificial intelligence tools and jobsite visibility.



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