From Beginner to Power User:

A.I. and OxBlue on the Jobsite

20 Minute Run Time

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There are a lot of moving parts and pieces on the jobsite. Artificial intelligence puts brain power behind site images so you can quickly review progress, effortlessly identify priorities that need attention and take timely action when needed. Make project management and oversight easier than ever by becoming a power user of OxBlue and A.I.

What will you learn?

Watch our webinar session now to see how OxBlue helps:

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SEE trends on productivity, safety and project milestones in seconds.

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UNDERSTAND a new level of detail about the people, objects and events you interact with every day.

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ACT on important tasks with the most relevant, crucial information delivered right to you.



Anthony Butler-2

Anthony Butler

Director of Operations

Anthony leads the formation of our artificial intelligence enhancements, working with clients to test and enhance the features. He has spent the last nine years with OxBlue, identifying how to best serve construction professionals and streamline operational needs.