Understand Project Progress Faster Than Ever with AI

Introducing on demand visibility like you’ve never seen before. Now equipped with artificial intelligence, OxBlue construction camera solutions can quickly analyse project images, report the findings and let you know when something requires your attention on site. 

Trained to identify construction objects, workers, equipment and movement patterns, AI provides you a faster, easier way to grasp what is happening on the jobsite and actively respond to changing conditions.
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Discover the Many Benefits of OxBlue


Activity Analysis

Understand project trends around work and weather



Set alerts that identify important priorities

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Investigate equipment use, materials, activity and more

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Discover the Many Benefits of OxBlue

“We're using artificial intelligence to empower teams to act fast with relevant information.”

— Rob Hall, Director of Product


Introducing OxBlue AI

Artificial intelligence adds brain power behind OxBlue time-lapses and video images. See trends on project progress, productivity, and safety. Understand a new level of detail once hidden within historical visuals. Act quickly on important tasks fully informed. 

Activate the power of AI to simplify project management and oversight.

Watch how easy it is to check on project progress, stay on top of changes and quickly verify past events with AI

Put Your Jobsite Images to Work

Discover the Many Benefits of OxBlue

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